In Development


February 2018

Developing future Fence meetings and projects

Fence 26  in Cairo with Sara Shaarawi March 2018

Sofia, Novi Sad, Atlanta, Ljubljana


Working with playwright Yves Baigneres and director Richard Speir on 2 of Yves’ new plays Chair & Demokratia.


Working as director with Jessica Litwak (playwright / performer) New York, Fred Fortas (performer) Paris and Rosie Parker (Creative Associate) London, towards an international production in 2018/9 of  My Heart is in the East, Jessica’s new play set now and in 11th Century Cordoba. Jessica has also been developing this with La Mama in New York, where it had a workshop production in Spring 2017.

Project Development

Crossing The Line +

An expansion of the Crossing The Line partnership (on which I am Project Dramaturg) to include Hijinx in Wales, Blue Teapot in Ireland, Theatr 21 in Warsaw and Theater Babel in Rotterdam. We re-submitted a €4m project proposal to the EU Creative Europe programme. in January 2018. First time we submitted we scored 81, with the bar set at 88… Fingers crossed for June!

AFTEC Plays for Young People 2

Playwrights Andreea Valean, Milena Bogovac and Hasan Erkek sourced via The Fence for Hong Kong based theatre company AFTEC, with plays which can be performed by young people – and their playwrights – from Belt & Road countries, for an extended symposium & workshop: 4-5 days in Hong Kong, March 2018. Plays will be translated from English into Chinese by Emerging Translators with mentorship by veteran Hong Kong translators

Project Rákishok, Lithuania

is a local project for the local community, working in partnership with an international network. It has arisen out of a workshop given by playwrights and cultural operators from The Fence international network, and local cultural operators as part of the annual theatre festival held last February in Rokiskis, a small Lithuanian town near the Latvian border.  During this workshop, local cultural operators were asked to outline a cultural project that was close to their hearts, and that if resources were not an issue, what would they want to do. Giedre Dagiene had for a long time wanted to create something which would commemorate the lost Jews of the town, and in particular a Jewish farming community. Through subsequent presentation and discussion the following broad elements emerged

  • A theatre performance which draws on testimony and oral history.
  • A procession from the town to the location, to bring the community into the work.
  • An ap(plication) which will allow ongoing engagement beyond the live event.


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