April 2019 – Expert presenter at Un-Label’s Impart Creative Exchange Lab at the Akademie der kulturellen Bildung des Bundes und des Landes in Remscheid near Cologne

March 2019 – Presentation of The Fence network to the Fabulamundi Project Playwriting Europe partners at the National Theatre in Lisbon.

March 2019 – Workshop Presenting yourself – Being present for the extra-curricular programme of the King’s College Careers Service.

March 2019 – Guest Dramaturg for Blue Teapot in Galway, working with playwright Charlene Kelly and Lead Dramaturg Eileen Gibbons on Charlene’s New Play Into The Dark Woods.

February 2019 – Took It As Read or The Curious Incident of The Fog in the Sight line, presentation on Sarah Kane and Mental Health in performance for students on the Beautiful Minds programme at King’s College

February 2019 – Project Dramaturgy on the Support Worker / Educateur Specialisé job shadowing at Compagnie de l’Oiseau-Mouche, Roubaix, as part of the Erasmus + EU funded project: Ogmius

January 2019 – Panelist for Contemporary European Drama in Translation at Central School of Speech and Drama

December 2019 – Project Dramatury with the first Ogmius artist residency with Compagnie de l’Oiseau-Mouche in Roubaix.

November 2018 – January 2019 Dramaturgy with Vici Wreford-Sinnott on her new projects, for Little Cog @ The Arc Stockton-on-Tees

October 2018 Direction and Script Editing on Festival du Mort at the Bazar Cafe, La Charite-sur-Loire

. 42658383_10215947633139974_3749114082670673920_n-1    42933434_10215969978738600_2078560280576524288_n

October 2018 – January 2019 teaching Introduction to Dramaturgy to First Year BA Students at Goldsmiths.

September 2018 closed reading of Chair, by Yves Baigneres, with actors and director Giles Croft at Goldsmiths.

August & November 2018 Dramaturgy with Pauline Heath on her Never Neverland project, for Little Cog & The Arc Stockton-on-Tees

August 2018 Completed 4 year stint as External Examiner BA Drama & Scriptwriting at Northumbria University.

June 2018 Directed Four- day R&D on My Heart is in The East with Jessica Litwak, Fred Fortas & Rosie Parker at Bazar Cafe, La Charite-sur-Loire.

May 2018 with support from Erasmus +, worked with Event Production students at the Creative Industries Department of the Vilnius Gediminas University on the last 24 hours of preparation of their production.

March 2018 Fence 26 as part of D-CAF, the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival in Cairo

February 2018 Curated playwrights, from Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro and Romania to Hong Kong for a 4-day translation workshop of new plays for young people, for AFTEC

January 2018 Submitted Large Co-operation Project bid to the Creative Europe programme of the EU for an expansion of the Crossing The Line project.

October 2017 Ireland has struck oil – but will it be Norway or Nigeria? –  a live performance and audio podcast around a near future scenario with The Fence as part of King’s College’s Arts and Humanities Festival: World Service, with Gabriel Gbadamosi and Professor Max Saunders. Part of a planned series – All Our Tomorrows

You can listen to a podcast of the event

August 2017 Directed Two-day workshop on My Heart is in The East with Jessica Litwak and Fred Fortas

May 2017 Fence 25 as part of the Festival du Mot, with The Hopper Project at La Charite sur Loire

March 2017 Fence 24 as part of the Cultural Festival in Rokiskis, Lithuania

January 2017 Crossing The Line Festival in Roubaix (read my interview with journalist Bella Todd for Disability Arts International)

October 2016 Completed 10 year stint as External Assessor on the MA in Scriptwriting at UEA.

August 2016 Directed Two-day workshop on My Heart is in The East with Jessica Litwak and Fred Fortas

June 2016 Dramaturgy on Alexander Raptotasios’ The Macbeths for LAMDA

May 2016 Fence 23 as part of the Festival du Mot at La Charite sur Loire

April 2016 Fence 22 as part of the International Theatre Festival in Istanbul, also in partnership with Eurodram, supported by Allianz Stifting

March 2016 Curated 2 Swedish playwrights, 2 UK playwrights with myself and Edward Bromberg as dramaturgs, to Hong Kong for a translation workshop of new plays for young people, for AFTEC

March 2016 Launched Matt Hargrave’s book: Good, Bad or Plain Ugly; Theatres of Learning Disability, at the Disability Research Centre, Goldsmiths

October 2015 Keynote Speaker at the first convening on Relaxed Performances in China in Hong Kong October 2015, with Vicki Ooi and Lynn Yau at AFTEC

June 2015: Fence 21 as part of the Schillertage Festival at The Nationalteater in Mannheim and also in partnership with TiG7. Theme – Closed Societies.

May 2015 Directed Rehearsed reading with Jessica Litwak on My Heart is in the East, her new play set in 11th Century Cordoba. Jessica is also working on this with La Mama in New York

March 2015 Completed 18 months as Convenor, MA Writing for Performance & Dramaturgy, Goldsmiths

January 2015: Fence 20 Eugene O’Neill Theatre Centre, Connecticut and Lark Play Development Center New York, The Play Company and NITE

October 2014: Married Debbie Seymour. Jointly dramaturged the ceremony.

May 2014 : Fence 19 Prishtina, as part of Polip 4th Literature Festival and Heads of Committee meeting of Paris-based script-in-translation network Eurodram. (I am the Head of the English language committee)

March 2014 : Kings College London, presentation to students on the Beautiful Minds – Mental Health and The Arts module. “Took it as read. Or The Curious Incident of the Fog in the Sightline.”Sarah Kane, Theatre and Mental Health

February 2014 : Crossing The Line. Led the assembly and submission to Brussels of a bid for 2 years of new Creative Europe funding to bring together Europe’s three leading theatre companies working with professional, learning disabled theatre makers. (Mind The Gap, Bradford, Compagnie de l’Oiseau Mouche, Roubaix and Moomsteatern, Malmo).

Script Reader – Sonia Friedman Productions – for Jack Bradley

January 2014 : Fence 18 Eugene O’Neill Theatre Centre, Connecticut and Lark Play Development Center New York

December 2013: Two Schmucks, Three Opinions performances in London, Leeds and Somerset. Part of a series of try-outs of a new performance piece which I have co-written, co-directed and co-perform with Steve Tiller.

November 2013: Kuala Lumpur, dramaturgical work alongside playwright Peter Arnott with 35 Malaysian playwrights from across the country as part of a nationwide competition set up by the Ministry and delivered by Kakiseni. Trip curated by British Council

October 2013: Tbilisi, Georgian International Theatre Festival

September 2013: University of Reading – Creating New Writing 1945-2013) plenary panel discussion on new writing and the Arts Council (England)

June 2012 – September 2013 Project Dramaturg & Trainer – The Secret ListenersPascal Theatre Company – with Julia Pascal

November 2012  Co-ordinated Fence 17 in  in Amsterdam, with MC, and Theater Instituut Nederland, SICA and The British Council

October 2012  Project Consultant – ACT Interreg Channel successful bid beginning with Royal Opera House, Theatre Is… , Gateway Academy School, Tilbury, Southend YMCA, Thurrock Council Music Services

September 2012 Thought Leader, Disability and Theatre symposium at The Kennedy Centre, Washington DC

October 2011 Co-Chair and Project Consultant – Theatre & AutismSOLT/TMA – relaxed performances






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