dramaturgy, script editing, script reading

I am drawn to dramaturgy as a way of understanding many different things in different ways. I am interested, for example in Urban Dramaturgy and the idea of  engagement with a city’s communities or constituencies, however that might be defined, as a starting point for theatre making.  I am also interested in Project Dramaturgy, where the underlying processes of a project, its partners, its visions, its practices can be inhabited over time by its participants as a way of deepening participation and engagement.

Here’s the formal stuff

As Director of writernet I delivered over 20 developmental programmes for playwrights Co-produced Developing Theatre Writing, which saw 100 workshop leaders and playwrights come together to share and explore diverse dramaturgical practice over 4 days at The Royal National Theatre Studio. I produced Commissioning the Future, a symposium which brought together 85 invited literary managers, directors, writers and theatre makers at the Young Vic  to consider Literary Management practices. Challenging Language was a one day laboratory with 4 practical case study presentations and 8 prepared provocations to explore writing for performance in non-traditional forms at The Jerwood Space


I worked on a Verity Bargate shortlisted script, undertook dramaturgy and direction for TAPS (Teddington Arts Performance Showcase)

Script Editing

I worked with Bill Gallagher (Skin Deep Productions) on a script for Granada; Michael Zagor (Merlin Productions) on 6 scripts for ABC, CBS, NBC & Lorimar and David Stacey & Josh Golding (Airtight Productions).

Script reading

for Channel 4, Granada, The Royal Court, Paines Plough, Northern Stage, ATG.

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