Who is Right?

Who is right? The Tories have just trounced Labour at the polls. Amid the political point scoring, finger pointing, character assassination and messianic zealotry, I wonder if it might come down to this. Labour’s message is “we are right” Conservative’s message is “you are right” This might seem fatuous and simplistic, but bear with me.Continue reading “Who is Right?”

Ducks in a Row

On #puppetgate In Homo Sacer (1998), the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben explores the nature of sovereign power and production of bare life, describing homo sacer as someone whose ‘entire existence is reduced to a bare life stripped of every right by virtue of the fact that anyone can kill him without committing homicide’ (Agamben 1998:Continue reading “Ducks in a Row”

Theatre is a conservative medium

When does the social critique offered by theatre collude with the governing ideology by actually reinforcing it? Israel, where the theatre-going public is proportionately the highest per capita in the world –  willingly stages work which critiques the IDF and the government’s policy and practice regarding the Palestinians. In 2007, I sat next to theContinue reading “Theatre is a conservative medium”