In Development


November 2020

Developing future Fence network meetings

Graz, with Edith Draxl (June 2021)

Mexico City, with the Literary Managers & Dramaturgs of the Americas, Hanna Slattne, Sarah Sigal, Penny Black, Katalin Trenscenyi, Adam Versenyi (June 2021)


Developing future Fence projects

Greece Has Gone, the follow up project to Ireland Has Struck Oil (2017), part of the long term All Our Tomorrows strand with Gabriel Gbadamosi. This one also with Andreas Flourakis and Trinity College Dublin. Currently on hold owing to COVID 19.


Working on directing a production of My Heart is in the East with Jessica Litwak (New York / California), Fred Fortas (Paris), Rosie Parker and Anna Oggero (London). This has been a slow theatre process, working when we have been able to meet face-to-face; either in London or at Bazar Café at La Charité sur Loire: The play had a staged reading at Clapham Omnibus in September 2019. The team have continued to develop the work across Zoom during 2020 and are aiming for production in 2021


Dramaturg on Chair by Yves Baigneres, with director Giles Croft. The play had a staged reading at Clapham Omnibus in October 2019 and we are aiming towards production in 2021.

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