What I can do

Much has been written about Isaiah Berlin’s essay in his introduction to his book on Tolstoy, where he characterises the fox and the hedgehog thus:

Hedgehogs, he said, have just one, powerful response to a threat: they roll themselves into a ball, presenting spikes to predators (and to cars.) They ‘know just one big thing’. Foxes, by contrast, have no single response to challenges, for they ‘know many little things’. They react to challenge by drawing on a pattern of general, pragmatic understanding, often making mistakes but seldom committing themselves to a potentially catastrophic grand strategy.

Across the spectrum of these interests and skills, I like to facilitate people to think better and think together. This means, for example, that I can talk and listen to artists and to educators, to policy makers, and funders; and to people from widely different backgrounds. Most of the time I occupy the space in between. The French call this cultural mediation.

writing, directing, producing, performing

chairing, board membership

partnership, strategic and organisational development

teaching, lecturing, workshop leading, mentoring

dramaturgy, script editing, script reading

network creation and curation


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