Chrissie Tiller


chrissie tiller works internationally as a facilitator, trainer, listener, speaker, enabler and shaper – in the creative and cultural sector, education and learning and business

chrissie’s work focuses on her commitment to placing values at the centre of our working and creative lives. Current and recent initiatives include: working with Index on Censorship to facilitate debate on Freedom of Expression, with the European Cultural Foundation to look at intergenerational conversations, with International MBA students to explore creativity in the workplace, with ACSI in Finland on societal innovation and the YMCA on arts projects with young people. She has also been training cultural operators from Central and Eastern Europe, Japan and Finland in strategic thinking and planning and has written guides to international participatory practice, the role of creative learning in formal education and arts and development. Other work in the past year has including leading a workshop on teamwork for young entrepreneurs in Romania, chairing a seminar on the role of the arts in social inclusion for the Belgian Government, speaking and training in intercultural working for WIND, Portugal, and delivering international training in the corporate and business sectors on leadership skills.  She was also previously Director of the MA in Participatory and Community Arts at Goldsmiths, London University.

Chrissie was on my board for several years at writernet. I also collaborated with her on her Transmission project run out of the National Theatre Education Department. These were a succession of programmes over ten years which examined how, in different European countries, artists are increasingly working across disciplines, across sectors, across practice and within new collaborative frameworks. This involved research into, and then practical artist placement and exchange within work in a range of Third Sector or so-called Applied contexts, such as  Education, Regeneration, Social Enterprise, Health, Community And Youth, Corporate Sector, Prison & Probation.

Chrissie is a great facilitator and communicator, and exudes grace. Its a quality I admire hugely in her, and one I find challenging to attain

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