Who I work with

What matters to me a great deal are the people I work with. Guilt by association. Those here profiled are the people whose impact on me has been the most profound. Gabriel Gbadamosi, Sarah Dickenson, Jonathan Chadwick, Danny Braverman, Kaite O’Reilly, Bonnie Greer, Gerald Lidstone and Chrissie Tiller


(Kaite O’Reilly and Gabriel Gbadamosi at The Fence meeting in Belgrade 2005)

I am also fortunate to be working, and to have worked, with many other very good people, including: Steve Tiller, Jenny Sealey, Julia Pascal, Tony Craze, Peter Arnott, Peter Rumney, Alain Foix, Philippe Le Moine, Anja Krans, Amela Marin, Julie Ellen, Sara Clifford, Richard Shannon, Paul Sirett, Nicholas McInerny, Paul Munden, Steve Dearden, Philippa Johnston, Duncan Sones, Penny Black, Stuart Mullins, Alex Chisholm, Edward Buffalo Bromberg, Mehmet Ergen, Dipo Agboluaje, Lisa Goldman, Mhora Samuel, Lesley Wake, Sam Snape, Olwen Wymark, Andrew McKinnon, Michael Zagor, Val Tatylor, Jon Hyde, Julian Hilton and Debbie Seymour. There are others. I don’t want this to be a beauty contest, more a list of thank yous and another way to get to know me and my work

… Alternatively / in addition, you may be interested in a list of institutions I have worked with, as that’s how you might check if I am kosher; (I’m not, of course…) – you can find these here.

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