Put it down.

When a Cornish councillor resigns well into the second year after stating that all disabled children should be put down to save money, we can sleep well in our beds and rest assured that such an outlandish proposition would not be given House room.

No, we have the splendour of the New Children and Families Bill with its fine rhetoric around meeting the needs of every disabled child…

Put down means many things, in this Cornish case it means humanely execute; it can also mean to disparage and also to let go of. In many ways then what our Cornish councillor was proposing is only a homonym of what is already happening.

Disabled people are routinely put down – defined as scroungers, subject to the vicissitudes of the wealthy in government subjecting them to trial by ATOS, the bedroom tax, tempered with lovely rhetoric but undermined by a chaotic civic administration. But the disabled are also being let go of. Its easy to express outrage and demand better from public services in times of plenty, but when the grain stores are emptying save horsemeat…they become just another section of society feeling the punch.

So I would like to thank the independent gentleman from Cornwall because like that slice of our nation, we only see the thin end of wedges, and it has taken someone from the edge of our country to show us that the wedge is much thicker, much deeper, much darker than the hysteria of his particular put-down might indicate.

Lets pick it up.

One thought on “Put it down.

  1. There are challenging times ahead and many of us who were involved in the disability civl rights movement from the 80’s – and thought we’d democratically agreed certain principles (rights not charity being one) now find these increasingly eroded. When times get hard the most vulnerable are inevitably the first who are cut out, or ‘put down’ as you say (few feel a pang when cutting back benefits for scrounging folk devils) … One way not to be so vulnerable is through visibility and discussion and being collective – and presenting the reality of our position rather than the myths fed by politicians.

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